Bernard Bensaid investment philosophies go beyond just making money

Bernard Bensaid

Have you heard of the term value investing? Let us talk about this important business and investment philosophy for a bit. In saying that, we may as well very briefly introduce you to Bernard Bensaid and The Group. This is a property development and investment house that first opened its doors for business at the turn of the millennium, the first of at least three tumultuous financial and economic cycles. And yes, you may as well know that this company’s investment philosophies go beyond just making money for its growing pool of investors and stakeholders.

If you were a French citizen, you could just as well consider yourself to be one of those stakeholders, directly or indirectly. If you are prudent and resourceful in the way your savings and investments should be managed for the long-term, you could just as well turn to The Group and make enquiries on how you can become involved as an investor. Or you could turn to your accredited and registered financial advisor for counseling on this matter.

In consideration of never placing all your investment eggs in one basket, at some stage or another you are going to be investing in property. And if you have your investment radar focused firmly on France and the rest of the European Union, you could just find yourself invested in one of The Group’s many holdings. On a global scale, or even a national scale, the portfolio may seem modest, but take another look at the portfolio while utilizing your long-term approach to making sound investments, and you will clearly see that the arrow curves only one way, more or less.

While global markets remain notoriously fickle and volatile for all the wrong reasons, this property arrow goes only up. As a stakeholder, and not necessarily an investor, you could have some or another association with The Group purely through what you do professionally or what you do at leisure. A sizeable proportion of The Group’s property portfolio is invested in residential holdings. It is also heavily invested in commercial entities such as office complexes.

It is pleasingly and consistently invested in both the hospitality and health services industries. France remains a legendary and leading tourism destination. If there is one thing this country is famous for it is its hotels and the staff that give it such a fine reputation. What is more appealing to the emotionally-influenced reader is that this group ensures that critical health services and care operations remain open.

This ensures that critical care can continue to be given to society’s most vulnerable. So in terms of focusing on niche property markets, it is plain to see that The Group’s business and investment philosophies go beyond just making money for its committed pool of investors. Look at it another way. It is value investing par excellence. Where others feel challenged, the men and women that drive The Group see growth and opportunity.