There are several injuries and health problems that can affect your pet’s knees. These issues oftentimes cause your pet to experience exuberant pain, and affect his quality of life. Your pet is a part of the family, and seeing him suffer is the last thing that you want. You might be tempted to have surgery to correct the knee injury, particularly if it involves the ACL or the CCL, but is this really the best option for your pet?

When a dog knee injury occurs, surgery is always an option. However, most veterinarians and pet owners alike agree that surgery isn’t something that you should use for every injury. In fact, many vets recommend the use of a brace instead.

Why Avoid Surgery?

There are several reasons why surgery is one of the last options for your pet’s injuries, and why most vets recommend the use of a brace first, in many cases of injuries. What are those reasons?

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·    There are always risks associated with surgery, even when it is your pet going under the knife. Most pet owners gladly try other options before they choose surgery simply to avoid worry and the associated risks.

·    Surgery is expensive! Although pet insurance is available, it doesn’t help if your pet isn’t already insured. Additionally, the costs out of pocket are still extreme after the insurance pays. Although you’ll go to great lengths for your pet and his well-being, it is best to avoid such expense unless it is absolutely necessary.

·    Surgery can lead to additional problems that your pet didn’t before experience. You certainly don’t want to add to the problems that your pet experiences!

How a Knee Brace Helps Your Dog

Custom made orthotic knee braces for dogs are oftentimes the first recommendation for treating injuries. The cost of the brace varies, dependent upon the size, the brand, the features, and other factors, however, it is priced considerably less than the cost of surgery, and isn’t as risky.

The use of a knee brace on your dog helps your pet recover faster, all while strengthening the ligaments in the knee so he can run, walk, and play like normal. Your pet can even easel climb stairs with a brace. The brace provides superior support, and is designed to assist in treatment of many problems.

When it comes to your pet, you only want the best as his owner. Although surgery might seem the best option, so often it is not, and many other options provide far better results. If your pet experiences a knee injury, don’t wrongly assume that surgery is the only option. Instead, talk to your vet about the use of a knee brace, and help your pet back to the life that he knows and loves. There is a brace that can do wonders for your pet’s life, if only you let it. Don’t make the wrong decision for your pet’s health when the right option is before your eyes.