If you have a sweet tooth or are worried about being overweight then you need to pay attention. There are millions of people all over the world becoming obese and you could to if you are not careful. There is a threat and it’s called sugar. Sugar has arguably killed more people than all the great wars combined but we are not warned about it. The good news is that once you are aware of how sugar impacts the body you can take proactive measures like using weight loss product phenq to safeguard your health.

Obesity, Sugar and You


To understand just how deadly sugar can be we have to take a closer look at how the body functions. When you eat food it is broken down into one of three compounds, either it is fat, protein or carbohydrates. For the remainder of this conversation we will focus on carbohydrates which is just a fancy name for sugar. After we eat a meal loaded with carbohydrates the body will quickly convert those carbs into glucose which is rapidly absorbed in the blood stream (still with me so far?, good). When the glucose is flowing throughout the body it creates a chemical reaction in the brain that release endorphins and makes us feel good, not unlike cocaine which is has a striking resemblance to processed sugar but that is a conversation for another time. While the brain registers pleasure when it receives glucose the body can only handle a small amount of glucose before it gets to toxic levels.

Insulin to the Rescue

To protect your body from having glucose get to toxic levels (toxic is usually anything more than two-teaspoons) your pancreas will release insulin which is one of the most powerful hormones in the body. Insulin will tell the cells in your body to take in the excess glucose and convert it into something less toxic like fat. As the excess sugar is turned into fat it will be stored within the actual blood vessels which puts you at an increased risk of developing clogged arteries!

Since the majority of us are eating processed foods the amount of carbs we eat is on the rise so it is just a matter of time before the obesity problem reaches pandemic levels.

Glimmer of Hope

Now that you know how deadly sugar can be you will need to start making some lifestyle choices. Start by cutting out the carbs in your diet to nothing more than 20 grams per day. It will be hard at first but try to read product labels. You also need to start eating more vegetables and taking weight loss products like Phenq which helps boost your overall weight loss results provided you start implementing these lifestyle changes now. With each passing day the amount of fat building up inside your body increases and you could find yourself suffering a heart attack or worse so don’t delay dealing with this health crisis.